Earth Advantage is a nonprofit organization working to advance an informed and humane housing market that: acknowledges both the climate impacts of housing and the impact climate has on housing, provides all home buyers and renters with access to sustainability information about a home, supports equitable housing outcomes, protecting those most vulnerable from the effects of climate change, and recognizes both the personal and societal financial value that climate-friendly housing creates.


Headquartered in Portland, OR,

Earth Advantage partners with entities across
the country to develop tangible, systemic solutions 
for climate-friendly housing.


Our History

From the very beginning, our team has always been passionate about reducing the climate impact of housing. We started in 1992 as part of the energy efficiency department of Portland General Electric (PGE), where we developed one of nation's the first residential green building certification programs. PGE then launched Earth Advantage as its own independent non-profit organization in 2005, with a focus on providing green building certifications and education to Oregon's building industry.

Since then, our team has expanded its work and geographic scope to focus on developing new tools and approaches to achieve systemic solutions for equitable, climate-friendly housing. Our team is working nationally to help advance a more informed and humane housing market; one that acknowledges both the climate impacts of housing and the impact climate has on housing.

photo circa 2001

Partner with Us

Our nation is in the midst of a pivotal moment for investment in climate-friendly housing. Earth Advantage has in-depth experience working with federal, state, and local governmental agencies, private industry, and community-based organizations. We welcome collaborations that create impact and advance climate-friendly housing. We’d love to hear from you.